curls, curling, curled
1) N-COUNT If you have curls, your hair is in the form of tight curves and spirals.

...the little girl with blonde curls...

A curl of black hair fell loosely across his forehead.

2) N-UNCOUNT If your hair has curl, it is full of curls.

Dry curly hair naturally for maximum curl and shine.

3) V-ERG If your hair curls or if you curl it, it is full of curls.

She has hair that refuses to curl...

[V n] Maria had curled her hair for the event...

[V-ed] Afro hair is short and tightly curled.

4) N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N of n A curl of something is a piece or quantity of it that is curved or spiral in shape.

A thin curl of smoke rose from a rusty stove.

...curls of lemon peel.

5) V-ERG If your toes, fingers, or other parts of your body curl, or if you curl them, they form a curved or round shape.

[V prep/adv] His fingers curled gently round her wrist...

[V n] Raise one foot, curl the toes and point the foot downwards...

[V-ed] She sat with her legs curled under her. [Also V, V n prep/adv]

6) V-ERG If something curls somewhere, or if you curl it there, it moves there in a spiral or curve.

[V prep/adv] Smoke was curling up the chimney...

[V n prep/adv] He curled the ball into the net.

7) VERB If a person or animal curls into a ball, they move into a position in which their body makes a rounded shape.

[V into n] He wanted to curl into a tiny ball...

[V-ed] The kitten was curled on a cushion on the sofa.

Curl up means the same as curl.

V P into n In colder weather, your cat will curl up into a tight, heat-conserving ball... V P She curled up next to him... V-ed P He was asleep there, curled up in the fetal position.

8) VERB When a leaf, a piece of paper, or another flat object curls, its edges bend towards the centre.

The rose leaves have curled because of an attack by grubs.

Curl up means the same as curl.

V P The corners of the lino were curling up.

9) V-ERG If you curl your lip, you raise your upper lip slightly at one side, as a way of showing anger or contempt.

[V n] He curled his upper lip in a show of scepticism...

She had a small, mean mouth that curled disapprovingly each time her husband wrote something in his diary.

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